Importing products to Flux Panda from the Shopify App

This tutorial will show you how to import products using the Shopify App.


This guide applies to Shopify App users only

The Flux Panda - Live Selling - Shopify App, which you can install from the Shopify App store delivers a standard integration out of the box. As a result it has some limitations when it comes to more complex customizations. If you need a more customizable solution please check our Embedded SDK add-on.

Importing your products to Flux Panda

The first step is to select the products from your store that you want to be available to your live streaming viewers.

Go to the products list in Shopify, click on the name of the product under the product list

Click manage under the Product Status panel

Choose Flux Panda as a sales channel for the product and click Done.

Click on Flux Panda under the Sales Channel list

Select Products tab. There you will see how many products are available for import to Flux Panda.


Click the Import button.

Check the products have been imported successfully by going to your Flux Panda account and clicking Products at the top. Scroll down to see other key product information such as price, size, color, etc.

You will see the product tiles added to your screen. Click on the item and select Go Live from the pop-up menu to add it to your live stream.