Multi channel live selling

One of the advantages when using Flux Panda for live selling is that you will be able to deploy the Flux Panda Player on multiple channels. This way you can reach more viewers for your live event or videos.

However, when using the e-commerce integration and your own checkout flow it's important to create a seamless user experience to increase your sales conversion.

This is why Flux Panda supports a seamless transition from any external channel to your e-commerce store.

Here is how it works using the example of an Instagram story:

  1. You are embedding the Flux Panda player in a Instagram story using the Flux Panda Player in Standalone Mode
  2. Your customer is watching the stream, and is adding products to the shopping bag
  3. They click the checkout button inside the Flux Panda Player
  4. Your website is launched instantly
  5. The stream or video is restarted
  6. The shopping cart is populated

You can accomplish this behavior by adding the following code to your onCheckout method:

if (data.checkout_type == 'redirection') {{ sessionId: data.session_id, timeIndex: data.time_index });


Recorded videos and timeIndex

Please note that in the above example timeIndex is only relevant if your user is watching a recorded video using the Standalone Mode. The timeIndex allows you to re-start the video playback inside the Flux Panda Player, at a specific time.