Open the Flux Panda Player from Shopify

This guide will show you how to open the player as a link from the navigation, adding a link to a product description or a button in the page content.


This guide applies to Shopify App users only

The Flux Panda - Live Selling - Shopify App, which you can install from the Shopify App store delivers a standard integration out of the box. As a result it has some limitations when it comes to more complex customizations. If you need a more customizable solution please check our Embedded SDK add-on.

Open the Flux Panda Player from a navigation link

Go to Online Store, then Navigation.

Select Main Menu.


On the Main Menu page, click on Add menu item.

From the side pop-up place #flux in the Link input.

Give the link a name of your choice. For this example we'll add the words "We're Live".

Click on "Add" at the bottom.


Save the menu changes using the top or bottom Save button.


The #flux link should now be added to your navigation.


Click on the link to open the player.


Open the Flux Panda Player from a product description

Go to Products.

Select the product you wish to add the link to.

Go to the product's description.

Select Insert Link and add #flux in the Link to input.


Open the Flux Panda Player from any page content

Go to Pages.

Select the page to add the #flux link to.

Go to Content and use Insert Link to add #flux to the Link to input.


Opening a live session

You can also open a session directly by adding the session id after #flux/ as like this #flux/your-session-id