The Flux Panda Player and Embedded SDK equips your e-commerce store with live selling, live streaming and uninterrupted video playback capabilities. Developers can use the Embedded SDK to customized the experience.


Dear Shopify App Users!

If you are using the Shopify App, installed from the Shopify App store, do not use this guide. This guide is only for advanced users of the Embedded SDK.

Core concepts

Widget Mode vs. Standalone Mode

The Flux Panda Player is available as both an overlay on your website (Widget Mode) and a direct accessible link (Standalone Mode).


Always use Widget Mode and Standalone Mode together

You should not choose between either mode, but use them together to increase the reach of your live sales events. We will cover more on this concepts in the other sections of this guide.

This diagram shows how Widget Mode and Standalone Mode work together and achieve the same result - a seamless checkout experience for your customers.


Having the option to choose between these two modes enables you to deploy the player on any platform.


Checkout options

In addition Flux Panda has two main checkout options available for you, in this case you have to choose one of them only.

a) External E-Commerce Checkout: The final checkout happens on your existing e-commerce website
b) Flux Panda Checkout: The user adds their shipping address and pays directly in the player with their credit card

External E-Commerce Checkout:


Flux Panda Checkout: