Learn how to embed the Flux Panda Player in your e-commerce website.

In this quick start tutorial we will show you the basic integration requirements for the Flux Panda Player using the Embedded SDK. The client side JavaScript code will populate your e-commerce website shopping cart when customers checkout from the Flux Panda Player.

User flow

  1. Customer watches video and adds products to the Flux Panda Player shopping cart
  2. Customer clicks "checkout", and products are transferred to your e-commerce website shopping cart
  3. Flux Panda Player is minimized and the customer is redirected to your checkout page
  4. Customer completes checkout as usual on your e-commerce store

Install the Embedded SDK

Add the following include to the section of your HTML page.

<script src="https://dist.flux.video/embed-sdk/latest/embed-sdk.min.js"></script>

Follow this recipe to complete the installation: