Real-time notifications when a session goes live

Learn how to receive real-time notifications when a session goes live.

Flux Panda allows you to receive event notifications such as a session going live on both the server and client side.

For server side events please refer to our Webhooks API.

When using the Embedded SDK you can receive an event notifications on the client side using the onEvent handler.

For example you may want to show a pop-up on your website as soon as a session goes live, or launch a survey on how they enjoyed the live once its over.

    apiKey: 'your key',
    channelId: 'your channel id',
    onEvent: async function (eventName, eventData) {

        switch (eventName) {
            case "go-live":
                // show a pop up
            case "go-offline":
                // show a survey
    onCheckout: async function (data) {
        // Checkout logic goes here