Simulcasting to Facebook, YouTube and Co...

Flux Panda allows you to re-stream or simulcast your live event to social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any other streaming platform that supports RTMP re-streaming.

Flux Panda will only broadcast your video stream, to add products to the Flux Panda Player shopping cart users have to switch from the social stream to the Flux Panda player. This can be done by offering a link in the comments or a pinned post.

Setting up a restreaming endpoint

Get your RTMP Stream URL and Stream Key from the platform you want to stream to. Please refer to the respective guides of Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other platforms on how to get the keys and setting up your event.

One you have your Stream URL and Stream Key go to the Flux Panda Session settings and enter them under the RTMP restreaming section.


Stream to Instagram from Flux Panda

Re-streaming to Instagram is possible using a third party software available at

Yellow Duck will generate the required stream key and RTMP URL from Instagram.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this approach:

As opposed to Facebook and YouTube the stream key on Instagram is not permanent and expires after a few minutes. This means from the time you generate the key you have to copy it into Flux Panda and go live relatively fast.

You will not be able to see if you are live on Instagram using your own account, hence use a friend's account or create a new account and follow your broadcasting account to check if the stream works.

Step by step

  • Download the app from
  • Once the app was installed, open the Yellow Duck app, and enter your Instagram name and password
  • Check "Allow commenting" if you want people to comment on Instagram live. Tip: this is also useful to promote the landing page where people can order the products. Ask your friends to help with promoting the URL using the comment box, so other viewers can see it.
  • Click on "Log In" in the Yellow Duck application
  • Once logged in, copy the "RTMP URL" and the "Stream Key" over to Flux Panda

Configuring Flux Panda

  • Open the Flux Panda admin panel and go to your channel.
  • Click on "Channel Settings".
  • Now, choose the "Facebook Re-streaming" or "YouTube Re-streaming" settings and paste the "RTMP URL" and the "Stream Key" from Yellow Duck, press save.
  • Finally, go to your session and "Go Live"



You have only a few minutes from when you generate your stream key in Yellow Duck, to going live.