The external checkout is a feature of your FluxPanda channel which allows you to control the flow of the order checkout in your channel and take the user away from FluxPanda to your website where they will be able to complete the checkout flow.

There are several ways in which you can technically realize this change in the checkout flow and for more information check your channel settings page in your FluxPanda channel's admin panel.

The external checkout redirection happens only when the checkout button is clicked inside of your FluxPanda channel directly either when users visits your channel via or, if you use custom domain.
When checkout button is clicked inside of the widget player, the onCheckout callback function is called to control the checkout flow instead. For more information see the API reference section.

However, it is worth noting that you can still make use of the widget player even if user is browsing your FluxPanda channel directly and external checkout is enabled for your channel to use the HTTP GET method.

Redirection using HTTP GET method

This redirection type uses HTTP GET method which does basic user redirection from your FluxPanda channel over to the URL of your choice while at the same time it provides specific data passed via query parameters.

If the widget player is embedded on the destination URL page, it's is automatically initialized and passed data is available to the widget player and exposed via *FromUrl methods as described in the API reference section.