Flux Panda SDK


Install the following:

  • Xcode 12.2 or later
  • CocoaPods 1.10.0 or later

Make sure that your project meets these requirements:

  • Your project must target iOS 11 or later.

Set up a physical iOS device or use the iOS simulator to run your app.

Add Flux Panda SDK to your app

Swift Package Manager or Cocoapods

Swift Package Manager


  • Create a Podfile if you don't already have one:
cd "your-project-directory"

pod init
  • To your Podfile, add the Flux Panda pod.
pod 'FPSdk'
  • Install the pods, then open your .xcworkspace file to see the project in Xcode:
pod install

open your-project.xcworkspace

Initialize Flux Panda SDK in your app

Import the FPSdk module in your UIApplicationDelegate:

import FPSdk

Initialize a FPSdk shared instance, typically in your app's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:

FPSdk.shared.initialize(channelId: "CHANNEL_ID", apiKey: "API_KEY", handler:  { (isIntialized) in            

To Open Flux Panda Player

Import the FPSdk module in your UIViewController:

import FPSdk

To open player:

FPSdk.shared.open(sessionId: "SESSION_ID")